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Wexiödisk launches WD-BS range of flight-type machines

4th Jan 2023 - 04:00
Designed with the most demanding of catering environments in mind, the brand-new WD-BS range of warewashers is a ‘top-tier solution’ for many high volume catering environments such as hospitals, prisons, events catering and staff canteens.

The WD-BS models have an impressive speed to volume ratios, with the largest model within the range (WD-B950S) capable of washing 5,844 plates an hour. This is thanks to a combination of ‘pioneering technologies’ plus the vast size of the unit itself.

Magnus Ericsson, research and development manager for Wexiödisk, said: “Our impressive ECO-FLOW heat recovery system cleverly converts waste water and steam into energy, therefore, the overall energy consumption of the dish- washer is reduced by approximately 20%. That’s a vast saving, particularly for high-capacity venues where savings can be worth thousands.”

All five of the models within the WD-BS range also feature Wexiödisk’s latest water saving technology, meaning environmental footprint is further reduced. Additionally, the efficient sound and heat insulation of these models significantly improves the working environment.

With the option to load and unload the machine from the front, back and sides, the WD-BS range can be operated by just two kitchen porters at a time.

David Glover, UK & Ireland country manager for Wexiödisk, added: “At Wexiödisk, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, therefore an operator can specify the exact size of WD-BS they require meaning the model perfectly slots into their wash-up area, resulting in a better work-flow and optimal results.

“We can also specify supporting units with the WD-BS in order to further maximise results. For example, when selecting our patented PRM (pre-rinse machine) alongside one of our WD-BS models, operators will be eradicating the laborious task of pre-rinsing dishes by hand.”

Written by
Edward Waddell