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Wexiödisk releases latest online savings calculator

25th Jan 2023 - 11:27
Sustainable warewashing manufacturer Wexiödisk has announced that their upgraded online savings calculator has now gone live.

Designed to allow operators to break-down exactly how much energy, water, chemicals and therefore money they can save when investing in Wexiödisk’s industry-renowned PRM (Pre-Rinse Machine) system, the upgraded online calculator guides operators through simple step-by-step information inputting segments.

These steps include selecting the operators’ relevant sub-sector (hotels/restaurants/schools/quick-service) and inputting information specific to the operators business such as service days and current wash demands.

For an even more accurate break-down, operators can also add their current energy and water rates. Once completed, Wexiödisk’s online calculator will then automatically generate an accurate savings report for the operator to digest.

This will highlight how much water, time, labour and energy can be saved if the operator were to switch to a Wexiödisk PRM system. The summary report provided will also outline the estimated payback period when investing in a PRM. Based on current energy prices, Wexiödisk anticipate that most businesses will see a pay-back period of less than two years.

David Glover, UK & Ireland Country Manager for Wexiödisk, said: “As energy prices continue to rise, it's never been more important for operators to assess their current energy usage in order to be financially fool proof.

“By using our upgraded online savings calculator - - operators can get to grips with exactly how much they can save - not just on energy - but on labour and time - with our popular PRM system.

“For us, being able to quantify the many claims attached to our PRM system is game changing, and provides operators with total reassurance that an investment in a Wexiödisk PRM system is wise one all-round.”

To find out more about the new energy savings calculator, please visit  

Written by
Edward Waddell