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Williams unveils ‘ultra-flexible’ blast chiller

11th Nov 2020 - 05:00
Refrigeration manufacturer Williams has launched a blast chiller that has a cabinet designed to accept three different types of combi oven trolleys.

The WTBC70 blast chiller is designed to accept 20 rack GN1/1 combi oven trolleys. Williams has upgraded the unit to offer more flexibility, as it can accept three different types of combi oven trolleys- including the new Rational ICombi Pro.

Malcolm Harding, sales and marketing director at Williams, said: “This is the first blast chiller on the market to be able to work with three different combi oven trolleys.

“It showcases our adaptability – and our ability to respond quickly to provide operational solutions in an ever-changing market.” 

The new WTBC70 also features an upgraded latch handle that provides a robust, 100% tight seal, and adds to the security of the cabinet.

The WTBC70 is a market first in being able to accept trolleys from different combi oven manufacturers. It’s also capable of chilling up to 70kg of food in a single batch.

The unit chills food down to the designated holding temperature in 90 minutes of less, ensuring the quality is persevered. Food can enter the cabinet at 90°C, an added benefit when compared to some industry products that can only accept food at 70°C.

The new blast chiller uses the Williams Easy Blast control panel, which makes programming and operating the unit as simple as 1-2-3. Pushing 1 sets the soft or hard chill option (soft for delicate foods, hard for dense ones); 2 sets the timer and 3 starts the blast chill cycle.

Harding added: “We’ve had a fantastic response to the original WTBC70 since its launch earlier this year. Williams is committed to developing continuous improvements to both our products and services, and this latest innovation highlights our fast response and high quality standards.”

Written by
Edward Waddell