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Wrapmaster expands sustainable collection

20th Apr 2023 - 04:00
Wrapmaster, ‘the ultimate chef wrap system’, has expanded its sustainable collection with an all-new compostable cling film.

Developed for all professional kitchens, the cling film can be used for covering and wrapping all types of food, including those with a high fat content. It is also safe to use in the fridge and freezer, making it the simple switch for chefs to protect food, preserve flavour and reduce food waste.

Made from biodegradable and compostable polymers which break down in composting environments, Wrapmaster compostable cling film is also PLA free and not made from any food crop or vegetable sources.

Adrian Brown, managing director at Cofresco Foodservice, said: “Cling film is a necessity in every kitchen and chefs need sustainable alternatives that work. Wrapmaster compostable cling film does just this, allowing the industry to compost and not compromise on their equipment.

“Whether you choose to compost, or recycle with our recyclable PE cling film, used alongside a Wrapmaster ultimate chef wrap system it’s never been easier to reduce your kitchen’s impact on the environment.”

Written by
Edward Waddell