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Smoked Chicken, Ricotta Cheese And Mushroom Ravioli With Red Pepper Confit And Basil Oil

14th Mar 2012 - 04:27

200gm Pasta Flour 2 ggs medium 1 Egg yolk 125gm Smoked chicken breast 50gm Spinach leaf 20gm Wild mushrooms 125gm Ricotta Cheese 0.5kg Pumpkin 125gm Shallots 1 Red pepper 25gm Chives 25gm Basil 150ml Olive oil 0.5lt Chicken stock 0.25lt Double cream

Preparation method

Blend flour, eggs and yolk with 2 tbs olive oil and allow resulting dough to cool. Finely chop shallots, sweat down until clear in olive oil, add forest mushrooms, cook until soft. Take half the mushrooms, blend with the ricotta cheese until a paste. Season. Cut smoked chicken breast into four collops. Run dough through roller twice to make thin sheets of pasta. Cut out 8 circles of two different sizes 4x9 cm diameter and 4x6 cm diameter. Use the larger size as the base, spread mushroom and ricotta paste, top with spinach leaf, add more paste then a collop of chicken. Repeat the first two stages, egg-wash the outer rim of the base, laying the smaller circle on top of the layers. Crimp edge of larger circle to the smaller one to form a parcel. Allow to dry in a cool place. Cut pumpkin into wedges, season, oil and roast at 200 deg C for 15 mins. Roast a large red pepper at 250 deg C for 10 mins to char it. Remove outer skin and seeds, dice up and drizzle with olive oil. Take rest of cooked mushrooms, add chicken stock and heat to reduce by one third. Poach ravioli, adding plenty of salt and a few drops of olive oil to water. Bring to boil and then simmer for about 15 minutes. Remove flesh of cooked pumpkin, mash up, season and add chopped chives. Drain ravioli using a clean cloth, place each on top of pumpkin mash. Add some cream to reduced mushroom stock, reduce until it coats back of spoon, then blitz with blender until light and frothy. Season, then drizzle around plate. Place confit of red pepper onto ravioli, finish with picked chervil and drizzle plate with basil oil and red pepper oil to give desired effect, and serve.

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