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Special Contribution Award: Nick Vadis - NHS Supply Chain: Food

9th Apr 2024 - 11:35

Through his passion and dedication, Nick has influenced the culinary and catering services throughout the NHS, both in and out of the kitchens, enhancing operations and elevating the patient, staff and visitor experience. Not only is Nick an expert in his field, he is a revolutionary and always puts the NHS at the heart of everything he does.

Nick has developed over seven Culinary Concepts, including the award-winning Root Kitchen, Great British Dishes, Bamboo and more, providing nutritious and innovative food options for everyone within the NHS.

He has also helped develop two books, including ‘75 Years of British Classics’ providing recipes for hospital caterers that appeared on the very first menus 75 years ago which was celebrated at the Chefs Table event at the House of Commons, as well as an upcoming book to be released early 2024, providing countless recipes, tips and key knowledge.

In addition to this, Nick’s unwavering commitment to nurturing and guiding chefs within the NHS as well as the next generation has been nothing short of remarkable. His leadership has ignited passion and ambition within many catering and culinary professionals across the UK.

Nick has helped run the award-winning Chefs Academy training programme since its inception three years ago, after identifying a gap in training and resources for NHS catering and culinary staff, providing innovative chef techniques and methods, industry insights and education, helping to improve skillsets in and out of the kitchen. The Chef’s Academy received the Training & Apprenticeships accolade at the 2022 Public Sector Catering Awards.

Nick has also worked with Phil Shelley and Tim Radcliffe to develop the annual NHS Chef of the Year event which empowers NHS chefs, elevating the status and pushing the boundaries of hospital food. Not only a pioneer, Nick has coached and judged the competition’s attendees, providing chefs opportunities to shine every step of the way.

Shelley, senior operational & policy manager – soft FM at NHS England, commented: “When planning arrangements to raise the profile of chefs within the public sector, there is no culinary lead more dedicated and prolific than Nick Vadis.

“Nick has been instrumental in leading the NHS Supply Chain Team throughout the last few years, identifying talent that progress towards the NHS Chef Competition. He is able to understand the balance of encouragement, as well as the formal direction within the industry, all aimed towards improving food in the NHS.”

His impact extends far beyond the kitchen, he has been recognised on endless occasions across the business and industry. He is a powerhouse and guiding light to everyone across NHS Supply Chain: Food as well as Foodbuy and Compass. He is genuine, supportive and lights up every room he walks into. A visionary and mentor Nick embodies the epitome of culinary excellence and what it means to be part of the NHS. 

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