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Top pointers to get your nomination noticed

13th Jan 2022 - 09:20
Top pointers to get your nomination noticed
We have compiled some top tips and pointers from our judging panel on what they look for when reviewing entries and nominations for the Public Sector Catering Awards.

Read the category criteria carefully
It sounds obvious but all too often parts are missed. Take the time to understand what is being asked and fulfil each of the criteria requested.

Use the given criteria
Don’t just copy and paste from the award description – use specific examples to demonstrate how your nominee fits the category perfectly.

Try to tell a story, pull the judges in so that they want to learn more about your nomination. Include details on the results that have come from the individual or teams actions as well as stats or evidence to back up your entry.

Get to the point
The judging panel will have many nominations to review so make sure it is to the point – don’t say in ten pages what you could say in one.

If there is a word limit consider using bullet points to highlight key areas.

Remember the judges do not know the nominee/s
And if they do, pretend they don’t! Introduce your nominee/s through your eyes.

Talk to your nominee
Who wouldn’t be pleased to hear you want to nominate them?  Get their input as well to make sure you highlight what is important.

Avoid ambiguity
The judging panel will not have time to look up acronyms or decipher jargon – make sure you clearly define words or abbreviations that may not be widely understood.

Avoid generalising
If, for example, a sustainability policy is worth mentioning, don't forget to highlight a couple of the strongest or most interesting features of it.

Review your nomination/s
Find at least two people to review your nomination before you submit it.

The first ideally being someone that doesn’t know the nominee – ask them to describe the nominee and whether they agree they deserve the award based on your words.  The second should be the nominee themself or someone that knows them well so they can check for accuracy and make sure you have fulfilled all the entry criteria.

Submit it before the deadline!
Make sure you have enough time to make any changes or updates – don’t wait until the entry deadline!

And finally... GOOD LUCK!  (can we count that as a tip?)

The Public Sector Catering Awards 2022 take place on 7th April at the Hilton London Metropole.

There are 16 award categories open for nominations, which cover all areas of public sector catering.


Entry deadline: Friday 11th February 2022