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Kerry unveils 2021 Taste Charts for EU and Russia

25th Jan 2021 - 05:00
Global leader in the development of taste & nutrition solutions for food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets Kerry has created a 2021 Taste Chart.

The Taste Chart provides the industry and Kerry customers with a view into the flavours and ingredients shaping the taste market.

The 2021 Taste Chart splits foods into four categories:

  • Mainstream= Top ten for the last five years.
  • Key= Next top 15 for the last five years.
  • Up & Coming= 20 fastest growing in the last three years.
  • Emerging= 20 fastest growing from last year.

Christina Matrozou, marketing manager, Taste EU & RU, Kerry Taste & Nutrition took part in a Q and A session about the 2021 Taste Chart.

How has the pandemic affecting consumer tastes and food and beverage interests?

CM: “The pandemic accelerated consumer trends as it created a feeling of urgency. An urgency to look after holistic wellness and the environment.

“At the same time, in an attempt to cope with the stress of the pandemic, consumers have been and are continuing to seek ways to comfort and indulge themselves while they cope.”

Are the pandemic changes permanent or more temporary?

CM: “My sense is that changes which arose from the pandemic may become permanent. However, the level of urgency will settle down.

“The trending approach towards a sustainable future and sustainable nutrition is here to stay as consumers continue to demonstrate an increased interest in the inherent wellness benefits of products incorporating simple and recognizable natural, organic, non-GMO, and free-from ingredients.”

What are the most intriguing emerging tastes in your region?

CM: “In Europe, we are noticing an increased focus on flavours that are associated with holistic health. Fermented notes across categories is one of the emerging trends that Kerry researchers have found.

“Some interesting examples from the Kerry Europe & Russia Taste Charts include pickled onions in the snack’s category and fermented fish and kimchi in the savoury one. The beverage category is experiencing an increased interest in botanicals such as lavender and turmeric.

“Kerry research is showing an expanded consumer appetite to travel the world with the senses. Flavours from different cuisines around the world are becoming popular in Europe. Masala and miso are of strong interest in the savoury category while Texas BBQ is popular for snacks. Exotic citrus tastes, such as yuzu and calamansi, have an excellent chance to an absolute hit in the sweet and beverage categories.

“Comforting flavours will continue to be strong in Europe as consumers are seeking indulgence in their favourite foods and beverages. Dessert-inspired flavours are emerging in the beverage category and alcohol notes, such as gin and whiskey, are rising in the sweet category.

“It is exciting to see similar trends emerging in Taste Charts focusing on other regions. Being part of a global taste team, the Taste Charts is just one of the tools that we have been using through the years to inspire our customers at local, regional and global level to leverage new flavour and ingredient trends.

“Our experts are continuously monitoring the evolving consumer trends and translate them into flavours to inspire our customers’ next development. Meanwhile our proprietary tools such as Trendspotter™ provide up timely data on consumer preferences and needs.”

How are the traditional mainstream flavours faring during the pandemic?

CM: “Traditional mainstream flavours like vanilla, chocolate and barbecue are doing very well during the pandemic as they fulfil the need for nostalgic taste that is giving considerable comfort to consumers during these stressful times.”

Click on the document below for the Kerry 2021 Taste Charts for the EU and Russia regions.

Written by
Edward Waddell