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Supplier Q&A with Middleton Foods

28th Jun 2024 - 04:00
Paul Stanley, foodservice manager of Middleton Foods, on meeting demands from caterers with restricted budgets for products and menus that work.

Q: How would you describe Middleton Foods?

A: Middleton Foods is the UK’s leading manufacturer of foodservice and bakery pre-mixes. We have a reputation you can trust. Our range comprises over twenty quick and easy-to-use products, all manufactured in the UK using 100% British wheat.

We understand catering within the public sector and the importance of making meals enjoyable. Our range of products helps public sector caterers to offer a great-tasting menu quickly and easily, with minimal preparation.

Q: What are the challenges for your business?

A: We continue to be responsive to the challenges faced by our customers and offer a consistent supply of legal and compliant products, which ultimately helps their operation. With our increased warehouse capacity and stock, we can meet customer demand – especially when it comes to supplying products suitable for the public sector, including supplying specialist products.

Q: What advice are you offering public sector caterers?

A: A huge part of our expert development chefs’ role, is offering advice to customers. Our chefs, Justin Clarke and Luke Stanesby, work hard to deliver food demos and sampling opportunities for public sector caterers.

They’re kept busy offering recipe development sessions to support and inspire caterers in delivering menus and concepts, which satisfy their health and wellbeing initiatives, whilst working with restricted budgets.

By using premium quality pre-mixes, caterers can accommodate the pressures of a busy kitchen – preparation time is reduced, there’s no need to store a range of ingredients, stock can easily be controlled and, importantly, costs can easily be managed.

Pre-mixes ensure consistency, so time after time the taste and quality remain the same. What’s more, any member of the kitchen team can make the products; no specific skills are required. The results are like making from scratch and are still homemade.

Q: Which trends are influencing your business and NPD?

A: A current trend influencing our business and NPD is the demand for more specialist, allergen-free foods, especially since the introduction of Natasha’s Law. We’re committed to investing in our product development, which means we’re able to offer a wider range of products to help caterers meet such demand.

Q: What are your bestsellers in the public sector?

A: Some of our best-selling mixes include:

  • Plant-Based Mix
  • Vegan Muffin & Sponge Mix (plain and chocolate flavours)
  • Middleton Gluten Free Mousse (chocolate, banana and strawberry flavours)
  • Gluten Free Fine Gravy Granules
  • Gluten Free White Bread and Pizza Base Mix 

Q: What are your goals moving forward?

A: We continue to invest in our NPD to grow our range of specialist allergen free products. We remain committed to future-proofing our business to meet the expectations of our customers, and help them meet the demands of today’s consumers.

Written by
Edward Waddell