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Meatless Farm

12th Apr 2021 - 09:23


Demonstration Video - Tuesday 18th May - watch our live demonstration again

Riding the plant-based wave in 2021 

It’s well reported that the demand for plant-based alternatives has skyrocketed and caterers have been quick to respond. But what’s next for plant-based and what does it mean for public sector caterers?  

Rise of next generation plant-based food 

There’s a new generation of plant-based alternatives that are making it easy and cost effective to include a variety of plant-based options on menus. Made by combining chef expertise with cutting edge technology next generation products, like the Meatless Farm professional’s range, provide a meaty taste and texture whilst also fulfilling dietary requirements, portion control and cooking convenience.  

Ben Davy
Ben Davy, Culinary Chef

What’s next for this sector? 

‘Cost and convenience are more important for this sector than ever before. Plant-based meat alternatives play into this brilliantly. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or rewrite your menus, you can easily swap your meat options with their meat alternatives.  

The range of meat alternatives available has grown significantly, it’s not just about burgers anymore. We’ll continue to see this ramp up over the next year, making it even easier to include more plant-based food on menus. We all know there’s been a huge shift in the way we eat and the demand for more sustainable food, the public sector plays a huge role in championing this.’ 

Why Meatless Farm?  

Meatless Farm offers a range of products for the public sector including plant-based burgers (free from all major allergens), vegan friendly jumbo sausage rolls and ready-to-heat Meatless Bolognese. The business aims to make including more plant-based food on menus as easy as possible, providing quick-to-cook and cost-effective solutions for caterers. It has already seen huge success in the schools education sector through its meatballs and sausages and will be continuing to launch new products this year.  

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