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BaxterStorey CEO planning to address skills gap

13th Jan 2022 - 06:00
Ronan Harte, chief executive of BaxterStorey
Foodservice provider BaxterStorey has announced plans to invest in recruitment during this work from home period to ensure that when the workplace does re-open, they’re ready with skilled and trained team members.

Ronan Harte, chief executive of BaxterStorey, said: “Despite a challenging start to 2022, investing in recruitment is essential to address the skills gap that will become more apparent once restrictions ease. We are a resilient industry and we have already seen how businesses can bounce back, so I am confident that we will build back faster and stronger this time.

“Recruitment continues to be the one of the industry’s biggest challenges and as we expect workers to return to hybrid working soon, it will remain one of the top priorities. We can no longer wait for new government guidance to be issued, so we will be pushing our recruitment drive harder than ever before to ensure that when the workplace re-opens, we are ready with skilled and trained team members to welcome the UK workforce back to the office.

“With no further updates on when the working from home guidance will be lifted, we will be expecting an announcement from the government in the next two weeks, so that we can be prepared for February, when we would need to see workers back in offices.”   

Written by
Edward Waddell