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Compass introduces steamplicity recycled trays

22nd Sep 2021 - 07:00
During Recycling Week, which is taking place from 20-26 September, Compass Group UK & Ireland is demonstrating its environmental commitments by announcing steamplicity’s closed loop recycling system for its trays.

Steamplicity meals, created by chefs and nutritionists, are served at over 20 NHS hospitals throughout the UK. It uses a unique steam system, which cooks fresh and raw ingredients in under five minutes, meaning that the nutritional value is maximised.

Typical health setting food waste levels run at over 10% but with Steamplicity meals it reduces food waste to below 2.5% of the meal served. 

Steamplicity trays will be manufactured in a different type of plastic, making it easier to recycle, and will ensure all the plastic trays used are returned to a dedicated recycling plant.

This circular programme ensures that the products are cleaned and broken down into flakes, to make into new trays. This will see the use of virgin plastic reduced by an estimated 244 tonnes a year.

Steve Cenci, managing director of healthcare at Compass Group UK & Ireland, said: “We’re the first to bring this to NHS hospitals for pre-prepared meals and it’ll be used for over five million meals every year – seeing the need for virgin plastic reduced significantly.

“This new initiative will support our Net Zero agenda, as well as helping our partner hospitals become more sustainable. We all know the bigger picture of how detrimental plastics are on the world - so this is a crucial move in our climate agenda and will pave the way, making positive change in our battle against plastics.”

Written by
Edward Waddell