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Consumers demanding 'fresh approach' says Bidfresh

23rd Nov 2021 - 07:00
Hospitality businesses and caterers will need to adapt to ‘significant changes’ in consumer behaviour when planning their 2022 menus, says fresh produce specialist Bidfresh.

New research shows that expectations of dishes which deliver on concerns such as provenance, innovation and sustainability have been strengthened by the pandemic.

Jane Aukim, marketing manager of Bidfresh, said: "People had more time to think about food during lockdown. Many of them took up cooking from scratch and took more care over the quality and source of the ingredients.

"As hospitality reopens, it's clear that more consumers are paying the same attention to food when they eat out. When planning their menus for 2022, operators will have to demonstrate that consumers' concerns are being factored in, and the ‘A Fresh Approach’ programme has been developed to support that.  

"For example Direct Seafoods, recently named the Marine Stewardship Council's Fresh Fish Food Service Supplier of the Year 2021, offers a diverse range of products that meet consumer expectations of sustainable fish and seafood."

Industry specialists CGA were commissioned to carry out a survey to build on the launch of the ‘A Fresh Approach’ campaign. The survey found:

  • 53% of consumers are actively counting calories or checking sugar content
  • 60% prefer venues that offer new and interesting cuisines and dishes
  • 53% are likely to try a new cuisine when they see it on a menu
  • 20% would choose a specific eating out venue over another if it had a focus on sustainability
  • 44% make eating-out decisions based on ethical considerations
  • 56% make decisions on where to eat out based on the venue's policy of sourcing British products

Operators and chefs can access the A Fresh Approach programme at

Written by
Edward Waddell