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Essential Cuisine launches ‘innovation boxes’ for chefs

26th Jan 2021 - 05:00
Stocks and sauces supplier Essential Cuisine are giving chefs the opportunity to get their hands on ‘innovation boxes’ throughout 2021 to keep them busy during lockdown.

Essential Cuisine saw the lockdown as a ‘perfect opportunity’ for chefs to experiment with a range of stocks and sauces bases. The ‘innovation boxes’ are tailored to key calendar dates including Veganuary, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

The Essential Cuisine team are also offering boxes that are specifically designed for the public sector to ‘inspire’ menus for hospitals and care homes across the country.

Jon Harvey-Barnes, senior business development chef, said: “Chefs thrive from the constant hustle and bustle of the kitchen - without the people, the passion, the vibrancy… working in the kitchen is unrecognisable.

“I was placed on the job retention scheme in April for around four months. It was tough but I knew it made complete business sense. During this time, I tried to keep my days as structured as possible, this involved exercising, jobs around the house and cooking - food saves me every time.

“As the weeks went on, I got more and more creative with my menu planning, when I was welcomed back to work in August, I had so many new ideas to share with the team. Use this time to do what you do best, chef. Get creative and get ahead, and let us help you with the basics.”

Visit the Essential Cuisine website to request a sample.  

Written by
Edward Waddell