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Final Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol.38

14th Oct 2022 - 06:00
After doing Fun Friday Food Facts for more than six years, Public Sector Catering has decided to stop it on a weekly basis. The food facts will still return sporadically for special occasions.
  • Beijing has more than 3 million egg-laying hens that are looked after by robot ‘nannies’.
  • The heaviest carrot was grown in 1998 and it weighted 8.61Kg.
  • Every day over 75 million Americans eat beef and on average each person eats 112 pounds of beef every year.
  • In 2016, a gorilla escaped at London Zoo and drank five litres of blackcurrant squash.
  • A stone crab can be eaten without killing it because you can break off their claws to consume and these will grow back within a year.
  • The record number of eggs laid by a chicken in one day is seven and the record number of eggs laid by a chicken in one year is 371.
  • Crisps are the worst food for tooth decay. Sugar is bad but dissolves quickly in saliva, while potato starch hangs around between teeth feeding the bacteria in plaque.
  • Approximately 96% of the world’s population recognises the Coca-Cola logo.
Written by
Edward Waddell