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‘Freedom Day’ gives hospitality sector boost in footfall

28th Jul 2021 - 05:00
The lifting of all Covid-19 trading restrictions in England on Monday 19th July saw a ‘significant boost’ in footfall, according to the latest data from Wireless Social with the UK reaching 80% pre-covid levels.

Following ‘Freedom Day’ the majority of regions across the UK saw an increase in footfall versus the previous week (12-18 July). Casual dining restaurants saw a positive impact across the UK (6%), with Edinburgh and Cardiff leading the charge at 16% and 14% respectively. Bars across the nation enjoyed the highest rise (10%) and London bars spearheaded the growth (18%).

The younger age groups showed the most confidence following the relaxation of restrictions, with the largest increase in footfall coming from the over 35-year-olds (8%) followed by the 25–35-year-olds (7%)

Julian Ross, chief executive and founder of Wireless Social, commented: “Now that we are seeing consumer confidence levels continue to rise and with the opening up for late night venues, we’re hoping to see footfall not just increase, but start to climb back up to pre-Covid levels. This will not happen immediately with a simple flick of the switch but we are committed to supporting hospitality venues in their recovery.

“One of the legacies of the pandemic is going to be the commitment to technology and new trading models, that have helped businesses survive over the past 16 months, and we’re eager to continue to support our customers in this way as they tackle the weeks and months ahead.”

Written by
Edward Waddell