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Fun Friday Food Facts Popcorn edition

19th Jan 2024 - 06:00
To celebrate National Popcorn Day (Friday 19th January) we have found our favourite Popcorn related food facts.
  • Popcorn kernels can pop-up to three feet in the air.
  • Nebraska is the largest producer of Popcorn in the world as it makes around 250 million pounds of Popcorn annually (one quarter of what the whole USA produces)
  • The scientific name for Popcorn is Zea Mays Everta.
  • In August 2022, professional eater Joey Chestnut broke the record for most popcorn eaten in eight minutes.
  • The most popular Popcorn flavours in the UK are sweet & salty, sweet, toffee and salty.
  • Un-popped Popcorn kernels are known as ‘spinsters’ or ‘old maids’.  
Written by
Edward Waddell