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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 10

11th Mar 2022 - 07:00
To celebrate Food Waste Action Week (7-13 March) we have found our favourite food waste facts to help raise awareness.
  • If global food waste was a country it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the US and China.
  • The UK throws away around 9.5m tonnes of food waste in a single year – even though 8.4m people in the UK are considered to be in food poverty.
  • Bread, followed by bagged salad and then fresh vegetables comprise the top three ‘most thrown away’ food items. 
  • According to WRAP, worldwide we waste a staggering 1.3 billion tonnes of food globally each year, which equates to one third of all food produced for human consumption.
  • The United Nations Environment Programme's 2021 Food Waste Index estimates that foodservice globally is responsible for 244m tonnes of food waste annually. 
  • The average household around the world is responsible for 74kg of food waste each year.
Written by
Edward Waddell