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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 24

26th Jun 2020 - 10:44
fun friday food facts vol. 24
In the week that Liverpool FC won the their first top-tier football title in 30 years, we take a nostalgic look back to food trends from the 1990s, when the phrase ‘fat-free’ was synonymous with ‘healthy food’ regardless of how much sugar or how many additives were in it.

* Snackwells – Just two Devils Food cookie cakes from the Nabisco ‘low-fat’ and ‘zero cholesterol’ brand provided nearly a third of your daily sugar allowance
* Lunchables – Some varieties of the ‘instant lunchbox’ for kids had a third of daily salt and up to half the recommended saturated fat intake
* Snapple – An 11.5 fl oz bottle of the fruit-flavoured iced tea drink brand delivers up to 170 calories and the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar – double the recommended intake for children
* Sashimi Tacos – The 1990s was the decade that embraced fusion food, as proved by the appearance of this Mexico-Japanese hybrid dish on menus
* Baked Brie – No cocktail party from the era was complete without this – even better when served ‘en croûte’ wrapped in filo pastry


Written by
David Foad