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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 27

22nd Jul 2022 - 06:00
fun friday food facts
The Public Sector Catering food fact-finders have put together a grab bag of assorted trivia for you, including the origin of the term ‘Pick & Mix’ itself:

•    We perceive that coffee tastes sweeter in a red cup
•    The Norwegian island of Senja is home to the world’s first, and so far only, halibut museum
•    Studies have shown that chewing gum actually helps people concentrate and may improve long-term and working memory
•    Competitive eater Joey Chestnut downed 76 Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and buns in 10 minutes in July 2021 – a record
•    In the US 3 billion pizzas, or 46 slices of the stuff for every person in the country, are eaten every year
•    ‘Pick & Mix’ was a nickname customers of Woolworth’s shops used in the 1950s, before it was adopted as the official name for the choose-your-own confectionery selection

Written by
David Foad