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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 33

28th Aug 2020 - 10:03
fun friday food facts
Travel broadens the mind, they say, and this week we have an international flavour to our collection of food facts as we hop from one country to the next.

* There’s no meat in Glamorgan sausages – they are made from cheese.

* The main ingredient of the dish Scotch Woodcock is not a bird but a fish – the anchovy.

* The name of the Italian pasta Vermicelli translates as ‘little worms’.

* The sweet cocktail syrup Grenadine is made from pomegranates; India is the world’s largest producer of the fruit.

* Baked beans are also known as Navy beans because they were a staple of the US Navy in the early 20th century.


Written by
David Foad