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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 34

9th Sep 2022 - 06:00
carrots Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 34
This week’s collection of arcane food trivia includes some surprising stuff you never knew about milk and carrots as well as examples of human stupidity and the never-say-die qualities of 21st century fast food. Enjoy!

•    It takes 50 glasses of water to grow enough oranges to make one glass of orange juice
•    In 2014 a woman in Birmingham phoned 999 to complain that her ice cream did not have enough sprinkles on it
•    A glass of cow’s milk has twice as much solid content as a tomato
•    If you eat enough carrots it can change the colour of your skin to orange, a condition known as carotenemia
•    The last McDonald’s burger in Iceland was sold in 2009 and kept as a souvenir. It had not obviously deteriorated after several years in a garage and can now be watched decomposing on a webcam

Written by
David Foad