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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 38

2nd Oct 2020 - 06:00
fun friday food facts vol. 38
We have just marked the autumn equinox and the first named weather system of the season could be on its way over the next few days – Storm Alex. To mark the occasion we have hand-picked a selection of epicurean curiosities for you.

* The two main ingredients of a ‘Dark and Stormy’ cocktail are dark rum and ginger beer. A suitable drink, perhaps, for the autumnal season.

* The French meat dish Chicken Marengo is named after a Napoleonic victory in Italy in the year 1800. It was created on the battlefield by his chef and consists mainly of chicken, garlic, tomatoes and cognac.

* If you order an Indian meal with the word ‘masoor’ in the name, then it contains red lentils.

* Lapsang Souchong tea from the Chinese province of Fujian gains its distinctive flavour from being smoke-dried over pinewood fires.

* Tomalley is the name given to the green, gooey mass found in lobsters, its equivalent of a liver. It is considered a delicacy in the New England area of the US.


Written by
David Foad