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Fun Friday Food Facts, Vol. 4

28th Jan 2022 - 08:29
To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year (1 February 2022) we have found our favourite related food facts.
  • Seven lucky foods to eat during Chinese New Year include fish (increase your prosperity), dumplings (wealth), spring rolls (wealth), sweet rice balls (togetherness), good fortune fruit (fullness & wealth), rice cake (higher income/higher position) and longevity noodles (happiness).
  • Chinese food actually comprises eight distinct cuisines, though most people’s experience of it outside the country is with only one – Cantonese.
  • China uses approximately 45 billion pairs of chopsticks every year.
  • Pork is the most commonly consumed meat in China; it appears in almost every meal.
  • Chinese wedding banquets include eight or nine dishes because the Mandarin word for eight, ‘ba’, sounds like the word for ‘good luck’, while the word for nine, ‘jiu’, sounds like the word for ‘long’.
  • A typical new year's dish is Yusheng. This raw fish salad with rice or long noodles is usually eaten during the festive period.
  • It is considered bad luck to give people a pear during Chinese New Year. This is because the Chinese word for 'pears' (梨 lí /lee/) sounds the same as the word for leaving or 'parting' (离 lí).
  • Eastern Chinese prefer rice with their meals, but in the West noodles, bao buns and steamed bread are more popular.
Written by
Edward Waddell