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Government abandons plan to fund secondary school cooking programme

26th Sep 2023 - 06:00
School cooking programme abandoned
The Government has abandoned a £5m plan to fund a ‘school cooking revolution’ that aimed to teach secondary schoolchildren to cook at least six healthy recipes before leaving school, it was reported by the i.

In February 2022 the Government announced plans to introduce a ‘school cooking revolution’ as part of its levelling up agenda and as a way of combatting obesity.

When asked by the i via a Freedom of Information request how much money had been spent on the scheme so far, the DfE said: “The commitment to invest up to £5m including for bursaries and teacher training is not being taken forward in favour of using an existing, established route for developing curriculum content, while not diverting resource from wider curriculum commitments outlined in the schools white paper.”

Written by
Edward Waddell