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Hospitality industry gearing up to hire almost 1m new workers

18th Jun 2024 - 06:00
Hospitality industry gearing up to hire almost 1m new workers
Hospitality businesses are ramping up efforts to hire UK-based talent as the sector aims to fill 990,000 summer jobs, according to new research from hiring platform

The Olympics, 2024 EUROs and Taylor Swift’s UK tour have resulted 80% of hospitality businesses intending to increase their staffing levels. has seen vacancies for roles increase by almost a quarter (24%) from January to March 2024, with the surge driven by Scotland (68% increase in vacancies), the Northeast (62%) and Yorkshire (43%).

According to the research, which surveyed 100 hospitality hiring decision makers and 2,000 UK workers, a quarter (25%) of hospitality businesses such as pubs, bars, hotels, and restaurants, believe a lack of available talent in their local area is big challenge in recruitment. The research found 64% of hospitality businesses are most concerned about hiring chefs throughout the year, followed by general management (59%).

The research shows 69% of hospitality businesses feel leaving the EU is still having an impact on their ability to recruit and the vast majority are now expanding their searches for talent within the UK. In a considerable growing trend, 85% of businesses are actively recruiting talent from outside their area.

With an acute demand for workers, the hospitality industry is also adapting and turning to previously untapped talent pools. Almost a quarter (24%) have stated they are activity recruiting from less conventional demographics, such as ex-offenders.

Calvern James, director of hospitality management at, commented: Hospitality recruiters have swapped the EU for Edinburgh and Essex as they become increasingly more creative in finding talent within the UK. This could be a hotel in Devon advertising to workers in Scotland or a Yorkshire cafe targeting people thinking of leaving London.

“The sector has remained resilient in the face of unprecedented challenges in recent years and tough immigration rules have made businesses look for workers in less conventional places. Businesses finding the most success in recruiting from different parts of the UK are prioritising new perks and initiatives, like accommodation support and more comprehensive onboarding while developing their employer brand to appeal to a broader audience.”

Written by
Edward Waddell