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House of Commons celebrates 250 years of catering with new exhibition

5th Oct 2023 - 07:00
House of Commons exhibition
The House of Commons has created an exhibition in the Portcullis House atrium to celebrate 250 years of Commons Catering Services.

The exhibition tells the story of Commons Catering Services from its establishment in 1773 to today. It features material from the Parliamentary archives alongside imagery of the current catering team, highlighting the work of colleagues in delivering ‘excellent services’, alongside investing in skills development and promoting sustainability.

This year marks 250 years since the first ‘official’ catering facilities were opened in the House of Commons when in 1773 the deputy housekeeper, John Bellamy, was asked by members to set up a dining room.

Today, the Catering Services team provide the fuel to make Parliament happen, offering convenient options to members, staff, journalists, contractors and visitors. 

Robert Gibbs, acting director of House of Commons Catering Services, said: “Our dedicated catering staff serve hundreds of customers every day, providing an outstanding service to staff, MPs and visitors alike whilst working in extraordinary circumstances. It’s brilliant to see their hard work showcased in this exhibition for all of the parliamentary community to see, as we celebrate 250 years of our work.”

Written by
Edward Waddell