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Lords Committee calls for evidence on link between food, diet & obesity

22nd Feb 2024 - 06:00
HOL Committee calls for evidence on link between food, diet & obesity
The House of Lords Committee on Food, Diet and Obesity has published a call for written evidence for its inquiry into the role of foods, such as ‘ultra-processed foods’ and foods high in fat, salt and sugar, in maintaining a healthy diet and tackling obesity.

It is inviting interested individuals and organisations to submit their views on these issues ahead of the 8th April deadline. Where possible submissions should make reference to relevant research and/or evidence to support the Committee to make evidence-based recommendations.

The Committee will assess how shifts in behaviours and trends have impacted obesity, how Government policies have influenced these shifts and the role of the industry and the wider public in the public health landscape.

Key issues of interest include:

  • Key trends in food, diet and obesity
  • Identify the primary drivers of obesity
  • The impacts of obesity on health, including on children and adolescent health outcomes
  • How consumers can recognise UPF and HFSS foods, including the role of labelling, packaging and advertising
  • Lessons learned from international policy and practice, and from the devolved administrations, on diet-related obesity prevention
  • The effectiveness of Government planning and policymaking processes in relation to food and drink policy and tackling obesity
  • Future policy tools that could prove effective in preventing obesity
Written by
Edward Waddell