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ProVeg guide to help chefs add plant-based options to menus

5th May 2021 - 06:00
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ProVeg International, the food awareness organisation that aims to reduce global consumption of animals by 50% by the year 2040, has launched a guide to help chefs and caterers provide more plant-based food options.

Titled ‘Plan(t)s for Professionals’ it offers the reasons why we should serve plant-based foods, answers the question ‘who is eating them?’, as well as covering practical topics such as ‘nutrition and diet trends’, ‘the scientific case for plant-based foods’, and tips and suggestions easy ways to change your menu and promote these dishes.

In a foreword, Cornelia Volino, secretary general of the Worldchefs organisation, says: “At a time when the world population is re-evaluating their lifestyle and diet choices, it is essential for chefs and foodservice professionals to prepare for and support the global shift towards healthier menu lines that provide more plant-based food options.

“Plan(t)s for Professionals explores the reasons behind the rapidly increasing demand for plant-based foods, which has now has become one of the biggest global food trends.

“Understanding the motivation for today’s clientele in selecting plant-based food options and discussing why you might consider offering more such items on your menu provides valuable insight into this growing customer base.”

The new guide also includes a useful product overview of all the plant-based categories to help chefs and caterers navigate their way through the range of generic meat and dairy alternatives available.

Public Sector Catering Plant-Based Week will take place 17-21 May - Find out more


Written by
David Foad