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Royal Bolton Hospital introduces new inclusive menu

13th Mar 2024 - 06:00
Royal Bolton Hospital introduces new inclusive menu
A full finger food menu is now available on request for patients at Royal Bolton Hospital to help those who struggle using cutlery to consume food.

To create the menu, the catering team worked with speech and language therapy and dementia colleagues to understand how patients may benefit from a change in the current menu.

David Neilson, senior admiral nurse at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said “The finger food menu was piloted on our complex care wards has been designed specifically for people who are living with conditions such as dementia, to allow them to maintain their nutritional intake, without a time limit. This will give our patients more chance of good nourishment and reduce the chance of malnutrition within our patient population.”

The acute speech and language therapy team were involved in the project and were invited to try the food, which includes options such as salmon supreme, veggie bolognese bites, sausage casserole bites, potato wedges and miniature croquettes. The menu is proving to be a success on the wards with patients, their relatives and the staff who are caring for them.

Jason Waggett, iFM catering manager, added: “Introducing a finger food menu makes it easier for patients to pick up food with their fingers prompting them to eat more and enable a faster recovery while in hospital.

“I am delighted to say that a full finger food menu is now available at Royal Bolton Hospital and is available on request from ward managers. Thank you to everyone for the input and hard work to make this a success.”

Written by
Edward Waddell