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TiPJAR partners with Hospitality Action to help vulnerable workers

20th Mar 2020 - 08:20
TiPJAR has partnered with industry charity Hospitality Action to help vulnerable workers who lose their zero-hour contracts during the 'coronavirus crisis'.

Many UK hospitality workers are reliant on their zero-hours contract to help pay rent, bills and support their families. The initiative enables people to donate money to hospitality workers in their city who need help.

James Brown, founder of TiPJAR and retail director of Brewdog, said: “This industry built so many of us, we wanted to do what we could to help in return, and we had access to the technology to do so.

"We were hoping the government were going to announce something better and our project was a big waste of our time…. But sadly I am not sure we got that.”   

One hundred percent of the money raised will be given to Hospitality Action who act as a 'safety net' to assist hospitality workers when they experience adversity. 

Alex Moore, chairman of TiPJAR, added: “We would love for other organisations and industry bodies to reach out to us and work with us to raise as much money as we can and get it to those who need it most. These are our people and we need to do whatever we can to help them now.” 

For more information or to donate, visit:

Written by
Edward Waddell