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Tower Hamlets Council rolls out reusable Street Food Box

31st Mar 2022 - 05:00
Tower Hamlets Council is equipping some of its market food traders with a ‘unique’ reusable container for long-term use by customers buying from their stalls.

The scheme aims to address the negative environmental impact created by the 11Bn items of single-use packaging being sent to landfill every year across the UK.

The council has partnered with Street Food Box, a new enterprise founded by Eddie Stableford. The Street Food Box is made from PRIPLAK, a patented indestructible polypropylene. It’s leak proof when in use, suitable for microwaving foods and can be cleaned in a dishwasher as well as by hand over and over again.

Stableford said: “Whilst legislative moves are already underway to reduce the massive volume of packaging waste which will lead to disposable food boxes becoming history by 2025, we wanted to start that process now.

“My inspiration for what is on the surface a simple idea, was a growing frustration from seeing the appalling volume of food packaging that once used, was destined for landfill because the use of plastic laminates and coatings combined with food residue means that recycling isn’t possible.

“Street Food Box offers a unique solution to a UK-wide problem. And I’m delighted to say that Street Food Box is manufactured in the UK which minimises our carbon footprint further compared to current, imported, single use solutions.”

The Street Food Box also comes with a set of environmentally friendly polypropylene cutlery, a washable napkin and a waterproof pouch to store everything.  

Written by
Edward Waddell