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UK Food Plan launches vegan recipe pack for school chefs

9th Jan 2020 - 09:50
UK Food Plan has launched a free vegan and vegetarian recipe pack for school chefs.

Chefs Tony Mulgrew and Lyndon Mcleod have helped to develop the recipe pack, which contains ‘nutritious and student-approved’ meals for school chefs to try. 

The UK Food Plan is aiming to get more vegan and vegetarian food served by 2025. Veganism is a growing trend with an estimated 3.5 million vegans in the UK. It is currently Veganuary and people all over the UK are going vegan for the month. 

The UK Food Plan says introducing more vegan or vegetarian food is beneficial to schools because it is cost effective and it covers dietary requirements to help pupils achieve their five-a-day.

Mulgrew added: “Eating more plant-based food is an easy way we can all help the planet. Providing more veggie choices at your school can help you reach your eco targets and encourage students to make positive choices.”

You can download the free recipe pack here

Written by
Edward Waddell