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UK scientists produce & taste ‘world’s first 100% cultivated meat steak’

1st Feb 2023 - 08:58
A UK-based company specialising in cell-based tissue engineering has produced the ‘first-ever steak fillet of cultivated meat’.

Cultivated meat is genuine animal meat that is produced by cultivating animal cells directly. This production method eliminates the need to raise and farm animals for food.

The scientific breakthrough was achieved by a team of Scientists at 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), a Newcastle-based tissue engineering company with patent-protected IP that is already producing human corneas to help restore vision to millions of people.

The steak fillet was entirely made from pork cells and measured 9cm in width, 4cm in length and 1cm in height, making it the same size and shape as a small fillet of traditional pork meat. The fillet also replicated pork’s unique flavour and texture. The fillet was produced using 3DBT’s patented, serum-free and animal-free cell booster, City-mix.

Che Connon, chief executive of 3DBT, said: "This is a significant scientific breakthrough which has very positive implications not just for BSF and 3DBT but also for the UK and the cultivated meat industry as a whole. We are absolutely delighted with the appearance, taste, aroma, and texture of our cultivated pork, which is the first time we have fully sampled our product.

“Our cruelty-free fillet has exceeded our expectations in all respects, and we are extremely excited about the technological progress we are making and the impact this could have on our industry. We look forward to taking the findings through to the next stage of development, focused on producing a chef-ready product for public consumption."

Written by
Edward Waddell