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Veganuary 2021 saves over 2m animals

11th Mar 2021 - 05:00
Veganuary, the global organisation that encourages people to try vegan food in January and beyond, has released the 2021 campaign review that found 2 million animals were saved in just one month.

YouGov data showed nearly one in 20 Brits (5%) attempted to go vegan in January. Ria Rehberg, chief executive of Veganuary, said: “This year, more than ever, I feel that another world is possible.

“A world where plant-based food is the mainstream choice, where the word vegan is associated with something positive and desirable, where major food companies are investing millions to switch to more sustainable animal-free options and are telling the world that this is the food of the future – and the food of today.

“A world where vegan products are easily accessible to everyone everywhere, omnipresent in supermarkets, restaurants and in cafeterias. This January gave us a glimpse of what is possible.”

Highlights of the 2021 Veganuary campaign include:

  • More than 582,000 people signed-up from 209 countries and territories.
  • 825 new vegan products and menu options were launched during January.
  • Together they spared more than 2 million animals from suffering in just one month.
  • Veganuary’s social media channels had a combined reach of 224 million.
Written by
Edward Waddell