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Veganuary urges participants to ‘take climate action into own hands’

14th Dec 2021 - 06:00
After COP26’s failure to address animal agriculture’s contribution to the climate crisis, Veganuary is urging people to ‘take climate action into their own hands’ and adopt veganism this January.

The call to action marks the launch of Veganuary’s 2022 campaign with celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Chris Packham and Venus Williams supporting the campaign.

Lumley said: “Veganuary’s mission is to make the world a kinder, safer, happier place for all, which makes their January campaign utterly irresistible. I’m in awe of every single person taking part for the climate, our rivers and oceans, forests and wild places, animals and people.”

Williams, Bella Ramsey and Bryan Adams have donated their favourite vegan recipes to Veganuary’s 2022 cookbook, which all participants receive.

Packham, who did Veganuary in 2019, is encouraging everyone who cares about climate change to take part this January as he fronts the charity’s new campaign video

Toni Vernelli, Veganuary’s head of communications, commented: “Climate change is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and one key solution is at everyone’s finger-tips – their fork. Although changing our diets is crucial to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, it can seem daunting.

“Signing up to Veganuary makes it much easier as our free pledge is full of helpful tips and advice, including a seven-day low carbon meal plan highlighting simple swaps that slash the carbon footprint of classic British dishes.”

A recent survey found that six months after completing their one-month Veganuary challenge, 82% of those participants who were not vegan when they signed-up had maintained a ‘dramatic reduction’ in their animal product consumption.

Written by
Edward Waddell