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The voice of the public sector catering industry ‘is being ignored’

14th May 2024 - 08:00
Matthew White, chair of the PSC Alliance
Following a second successive rejection of its application to join the Food & Drink Sector Council, chair of the Public Sector Catering Alliance Matthew White has claimed the voice of the industry is being ignored.

He said: “Public sector caterers serve in excess of 2.6bn meals every year in approximately 93,000 sites across the UK. Around 40% of those meals are served by outsourced organisations, the rest by inhouse services.

“In other words, together we represent a significant chunk of the catering and hospitality industry and with that comes considerable buying power, industry knowledge and market insight.

“You would imagine that a body such as the Food and Drink Sector Council (FDSC) would find a sector like us a valuable partner, given that its stated aim is to bring together ‘senior leaders representing the whole of the agri-food chain together with the government to address those strategic issues and seize opportunities facing the agri-food chain’.

“Sad to say, however, the Public Sector Catering Alliance, which I am proud to represent as your chair, has twice now been rejected after applying to become a member.”

You can read the full blog here:

Written by
David Foad