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Webinar on how catering buyers can put the focus back on ‘local’

9th Feb 2021 - 11:02
webinar love british food public sector alexia robinson
Public Sector Catering is hosting a webinar on Thursday, February 11th that will celebrate the variety and quality of British food and look at ways we can put more of it on menus.

The issue has risen up the agenda recently as it helps meet calls for increased sustainability and offers new opportunities for local growers post-Brexit.

Starting at 11am, the event will kick off with a live interview with Alexia Robinson, founder of Love British Food, an umbrella organisation that champions the use of local produce and is best known for its annual British Food Fortnight (BFF) event each autumn.

BFF sees schools, hospitals, care homes and universities, along with restaurants and pubs, highlight local foods on their menus in a two-week celebration.

Alexia will be followed by two presentations that will show how parts of the public sector are practically tackling the challenges of sourcing reliable quantities of food that meet the requirements of price and quality.

Preston Walker, chef-director of Oak House Residential Home and Oak House Kitchen, together with his colleague James Ball will talk about why and how they use British food for residents and in their development work.

And Jeanette Orrey, co-founder of the Soil Association’s Food for Life accreditation scheme, will then look at the challenges and opportunities facing schools on local sourcing.

They will then be joined by Steve Glencross of sourcing and supply consultancy The Good Food Partnership as part of a panel to answer your questions.

To join this free-to-attend event, register here

Written by
David Foad