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What’s the big deal about local sourcing? Join our PSC Week debate to find out

30th Apr 2024 - 07:00
What’s the big deal about local sourcing?
How can catering teams support local farmers and growers to get more British food onto public sector plates? Equally, what can farmers and growers do to get their produce in front of foodservice buyers? As part of the Public Sector Catering Week, which takes place from May 20-24, there will be a live webinar to address these issues and more.

You can join the webinar, which starts at 2.30pm on Wednesday, May 22nd, to hear from producers, buyers and sustainability champions in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities of ‘Buying British’.

On the panel will be Neil McCole a from Campbell Brothers, the national meat wholesaler and catering butcher, to give his perspective on local sourcing.

He and others on the panel will be offering insight into a number of challenges that caterers face in looking to source food more sustainably.

These include: defining what local sourcing actually means in the UK; identifying the benefits of local sourcing for caterers, farmers and growers, and local communities; looking at the importance of animal welfare and quality standards; and examining ways that British farm produce can compete with cheap imports when public sector budgets are so tight.

Public Sector Catering Week 2024 will highlight and celebrate the valuable contributions of individuals and teams involved in providing food services in schools, hospitals, care homes universities, government offices, and other public facilities.

Each day will have a theme, these will look at kitchen technology, plant-based menus, local sourcing, careers & recruitment, as well as managing allergens.

If you want to join the webinar live on May 22nd, then register here

Written by
David Foad