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28th Apr 2021 - 16:34


With 580,000 people signing up for Veganuary this year, veganism’s popularity continues to grow. To help chefs and caterers meet demand, we are continually adapting our popular brands to offer more vegan options. Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing, Bisto Reduced Salt Gravy Granules and Bisto Vegetable Bouillon Paste are now certified as vegan. This also extends to our dessert brands, with Bird’s Custard Powder, McDougalls Cocoa Powder and McDougalls Orange, Strawberry and Raspberry Jellies following suit. 

Future launches will help us to continue this commitment, including Bird’s Strawberry and Chocolate Flavoured Custard Powders. Certified vegan from launch, they will help caterers to meet demand for consumers following a vegan diet. Our products are a staple in kitchen cupboards across the country, so our expanding offering to cater for changing consumer diets will ensure operators can continue to offer much-loved products on their menus.  

Chocolate Orange Jelly
Custard Tart
Jelly Family
Rasberry Jelly and Coconut
Raspberry Jelly and Coconut
Rhubarb and Custard Fool
Vegan Burgers
Vegan Shepherds Pie