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Aimia Foods helps operators tap into chocolate orange demand

17th Jun 2022 - 04:00
Aimia Foods has unveiled the latest flavour to join their line-up of 1883 syrups: Terry’s Chocolate Orange to meet the growing demand.

Karen Green, marketing manager at Aimia Foods, said: “At Aimia Foods, we have tested 1883 Terry’s Chocolate Orange syrup in a wide range of beverages, from zingy orange lattes and indulgent orange hot chocolates right through to chocolate orange shakes and frappes, the results of which have all been delicious.”

Due to the impressive high concentration of 1883 syrups, a bottle of Terry’s Chocolate Orange syrup has an extremely good yield compared to competitors. To put this into perspective, from a single 1 litre bottle of Terry’s Chocolate Orange syrup, baristas can create up to 125 chocolate orange hot drinks or 63 cold drinks based on an 8oz cup. The natural properties of 1883 syrups ensure consistent quality without any need for preservatives.  

Written by
Edward Waddell