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Fresh Direct launches new variety of cauliflower

4th Apr 2024 - 04:00
Fresh Direct has launched CauliShoots’ a new variety of cauliflower, which is set to ‘revolutionise’ how this versatile vegetable is served in restaurants across the country.

CauliShoots have long stems, with sweet, nutty curds and are more flavoursome and robust than standard cauliflower. With cauliflower increasingly one of the today’s go-to ingredients for chefs, CauliShoots offer a new way to enjoy this menu favourite.

Ian Nottage, head of food development at Fresh Direct said: “CauliShoots are a fantastic new innovation. Cauliflower is really popular with chefs, and CauliShoots takes it to another level. The products are a versatile blank canvas, providing the perfect ingredient for a delicious starter or tasty main course.

“With minimum prep, zero waste and a fast cooking time, CauliShoots are a super convenient way to capitalise on a versatile menu item. These products have the potential to take the market by storm and we expect them to do just that.”

Fresh Direct has worked in partnership with Barfoots, who grow the product year-round from its farms in the UK between June and September and from its Spanish farms over the winter, to bring the product to market.

Written by
Edward Waddell