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Gopak tops the table for schools

12th Sep 2013 - 11:53
Gopak, a leading furniture producer, is supplying a range of wipe-clean and functional folding tables, stacking benches and stackable chairs to schools ensuring children eat in a safe environment.

The Contour range of folding tables feature a wipe-clean laminated top and are constructed of aluminium with corner protectors to make them robust while the matching stacking benches are an economical method of seating and come in a choice of heights to suit all ages of children.

Gopak understand that space is at a premium in the modern school so all of their school dining furniture is lightweight and easy to set up, stack and store. This ensures that your multi-purpose hall can quickly and easily be transformed from gym in the morning, a dining hall at lunch and a drama studio in the afternoon.

All Gopak’s school dining furniture is low-cost without affecting strength or quality.

Written by
PSC Team