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New Whirl Griddle Spray from AAK Foodservice

11th Sep 2013 - 11:16
Cooking oils specialist AAK Foodservice has announced its latest innovation – the new Whirl Griddle Spray product.

Ideal for shallow frying, grilling, roasting, griddling or simply spraying over hot food just before serving, the ultra-functional spray can be used on grills, griddles and hot plates.

The product is not only lower in bad fats, saturates and trans fats, but higher in good fats such as polyunsaturates and monounsaturates, with no cholesterol or trans fatty acids compared to butter.

Rachel Neale, marketing manager for AAK Foodservice, said: “Whirl, a liquid vegetable oil with butter flavouring for that much desired buttery taste, was launched in answer to caterer demand, and it is now even easier to work with thanks to this new liquid spray format.

“More convenient than butter, there is no need to refrigerate, clarify or reduce, while the new format makes it easy to handle and manage portions with a press of the trigger spray. Cooking could not be easier as Whirl Griddle Spray does not spit, burn or discolour pans in normal use.”

Whirl Griddle Spray comes in cases of 4 x 500ml bottles with one multi-use trigger spray head.


Written by
PSC Team