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Soft drinks company Britvic brings Tango Mango to chillers

1st Feb 2024 - 04:00
Britvic has unveiled a new Tango Mango flavour that aims to meet the demand for Mango flavoured drinks whilst giving consumers more sugar free drink options without having to compromise on taste.

Tango Mango is the latest sugar free flavour from Britvic, with the company’s continued innovation and reformulation programmes meaning an average of just 22 calories per 250ml serve across its drinks portfolio globally.

Ben Griffiths, Britvic’s commercial director in Great Britain, said: “Consumer appetites for bold new flavours have demonstrated the importance for Tango to continue evolving the fruit flavoured carbonates category.

“This latest launch will appeal to consumers as they continue to be more health conscious when making their drink choice, whilst enabling operators to continue offering bold and exciting flavours that are sugar free.

“We have seen the demand for mango flavoured drinks rise for some time, and Tango Mango will satisfy this consumer demand as well as operator need – standing out in chillers and increasing sales and footfall in outlets by aiming to attract a broad audience including Gen Z and families.”

Available from 1st February for 12 months, Tango Mango will be available in a variety of formats: 330ml cans, 500ml bottles, two litre bottles, eight can multipacks and 24 can multipacks. 

Written by
Edward Waddell