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Young’s Foodservice showcases back to school range

5th Sep 2023 - 04:00
Young’s Foodservice has unveiled a back to school range of products that are ideal for school caterers including the Breaded Omega 3 Alaska Pollock Fish Fingers that are ‘perfect’ in a sandwich, a wrap or with a jacket potato and vegetables.

Schools have an important role to play in encouraging children to eat fish from an early age, to promote healthy eating and to lay down the habits of eating fish into later life. Frozen fish is ideal for a school caterer as it is very flexible in terms of menu items and it is quick and easy to prepare the right amount.

Joel Carr, development chef at Young’s Foodservice, said: “Our aim is to make this as easy as possible for school caterers by developing convenient and cost-effective solutions to inspire delicious, healthy menus.

“Seafood is a source of omega-3, nutrients and protein and therefore an important part of children’s diets. Making it even easier to achieve the Government’s advice to eat two portions of seafood a week, Young’s fish fingers or mini fillets are crispy, tasty and really easy for a busy school kitchen to prepare. They are also perfect to keep in the freezer as a staple menu item.

“We’ve worked with education caterers for many years and we understand the budgetary constraints around meal planning. In conjunction with some of our school partners, we develop specific products such as our 50g battered cod portion.

“With the aim of making meal planning and budgeting easier, the 50g portion is a versatile product that gives good plate coverage and can be paired with vegetables, jacket potatoes or even added to a wrap with salad for a delicious meal.”

Written by
Edward Waddell