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Report | Serving better: better menus make better choices

5th May 2022 - 11:19
Momentum is building behind meat reduction across the public sector and support for the PSC100 initiative, launched two years ago, to reduce meat and dairy consumption by 20%. More and more chefs are being trained to develop exciting plant-based dishes for the public sector.

However, catering leaders recognise that change is not confined to the kitchen - how dishes are presented on menus, really counts.

Changes to menu design and language can be a low cost and effective way to encourage more sustainable diets with less meat and dairy and more plants. In our 2021 survey of public sector caterers, 80% of those who took part had
committed to reducing meat across menus and 83% had increased plant-protein in dishes by up to 20%. More than half of those surveyed had engineered menus to make plant-based dishes more prominent.

Eating Better has reviewed the latest evidence on nudges to promote plant-based eating and spoken to public sector leaders in the field to produce a step-by-step guide with top tips to make plant-based eating the norm.

Carole Mitchell from Eating Better will discuss the findings of the report in more detail during a session on Monday 9 May as part of Plant-Based Week 2022.  Find out more and register for your free link to join by clicking here.

You can download a PDF copy here