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Calbee Group UK Ltd

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Adrian Blackburn

Calbee Group UK, the makers of exceptional Crisps & Snacks: Seabrook Crisps, a treasured favourite made in the heart of Bradford for 75 years. Known for being ‘The Original Crinkle Cut’ Crisp, Quality & Full Flavour. Innovative too, meeting many consumer needs, our whole range is Gluten Free & Suitable for Vegetarians, with many of our flavours Vegan friendly including Beefy! (Yes, Beefy!)

Available in Standard Singles & a low cost to serve Snack Size range, under 100 calories, Seabrook Crisps is a perfect fit wherever there’s a Snacking Occasion. New to the Seabrook range is Loaded Fries, the tasty snack inspired by restaurant topped chips made from maize and topped with loads of flavour. Calbee UK also make Harvest Snaps, the goodness of vegetables combined with delicious flavours to bring you a range of great tasting snacks that are better for you! Baked not fried, Harvest Snaps are up to 50% less fat vs standard Crisps, are high in fibre, a good source of protein & each serving is less than 100 calories

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