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28th Apr 2021 - 16:23

What one tip would you offer on getting your grab and go offer right?

As experts in the high-speed oven sector, Merrychef understand that speed and quality are absolutely non-negotiable for a food to go offering. 

Packaging is important so that food is kept warm, and wrapped safely until eaten, and with plant-based food, it's also really key that operators understand how to seperate food.

Meat based food needs to be cooked separately to plant based and this is really simple with the Merrychef eikon® e1s and e2s. Merrychef makes serving plant-based food really easy with their colour coded accessories. 

Using different coloured cooking trays or liners, an operator can cook a vegetarian and non-vegetarian item one after the other, without having to clean down the equipment, which makes for a speedy operation and ensures caterers only need one piece of equipment, saving space and time. 

Accessories such as trays and liners are available in various colours to make separating menu items easy for staff, green can be used for vegetarian or vegan and Merrychef has just introduced purple accessories for allergies.