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Academics sign open letter calling for 100% plant-based meals at universities

7th Sep 2023 - 06:00
Plant-based meals
More than 600 academics have signed an open letter that was created by Plant-Based Universities calling for 100% plant-based catering.

The Plant-Based Universities campaign, by Animal Rising, began in late 2021 calling on universities and student unions to commit towards 100% sustainable plant-based catering.

To date, the Universities of Stirling, Cambridge, Birmingham, Queen Mary, London Metropolitan, Kent, and University College London have made steps towards realising the goals of Plant-Based Universities and taking decisive action to lead the way in protecting climate and animals.

The letter states: “It’s evident our insecure, unsafe, and unfit-for-purpose food system cannot continue unchecked. A growing body of academic literature is exploring and proving the benefits of adopting a safe, secure and plant-based food system.

“Dr Helen Harwatt and Dr Matthew Hayek carried out research for Harvard University in 2019 that suggested the UK could be carbon-negative if it combined the switch to plant-based production with rewilding the land freed up by this change.

“Our universities have, for centuries, been shining lights of intellectual, moral and scientific progress. What we are asking for here is no different. We truly believe in the power of people to come together and make positive change and we are asking you to step up and be part of building a better, kinder, and safer world.”

Written by
Edward Waddell